Modern kitchens

When function becomes design

Nowadays, much higher demands are made of a kitchen than pure functionality. It is the focal point of living together, often takes up a lot of space and should accordingly reflect the people who work and live there. A kitchen achieves this through wonderfully consistent lines, and more and more new materials and surfaces, but also through features that not only make life easier but are also a genuine highlight. From the black powder-coated wine rack as a subtle, attractive eye-catcher to MagicMove, the smart wall cabinet outfitting of your kitchen.

ewe50 Anniversary model 1

Just right for you

Ideas that improve everyday life and yet never become ordinary are what make our kitchens special.

Everybody is unique – so why should one kitchen be like any other?

After all, every individual has different needs and requirements.

NEW: ewe Nuova

The harmonious presentation of contrasts is perfectly realised in Nuova. The combination of the front colour monument and elements in nut royal is in a class of its own, and is further accentuated by black anodised metal-frame glass doors with decor glass in parsol dark.

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ewe & handle-free kitchen

A real kitchen revolution – that was what the first handle-free kitchen from ewe was upon its launch on the market. Over the course of time, it has been further developed by us, losing none of its well-designed charm. On the contrary, it now offers a greater variety of materials, colours and design options. Perfectly adapted for the pure, reduced concept.

FM country house style kitchens

Every ewe kitchen has its roots in the Mühlviertel. A country with a strong character, the heights of which provide a view onto a vast expanse. Tradition is lived and upheld to this day. This vigorous region continues to be distinguished by craftsmanship – and is time after time the inspiration for new ideas & possibilities, making it possible for everyone to enjoy a part of this very special attitude to life. Down-to-earth history and naturalness combined with modern elements: Every ewe kitchen is a reinterpretation of Mühlviertel style.

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