Light design

The lighting options are as varied as the kitchens themselves.

The light makes a decisive contribution to the mood and atmosphere in a room. First of all, one can distinguish between three types of illumination:
Working light, mood light and general light.

Working light is usually neutral white – so it is very bright light – and perfect for all activities in cooking, so that you can see straight away whether vegetables or meat are fresh.
For mood light, a warm white light source is most suitable. It brings atmosphere to the room – you can let your imagination run wild.
For general light, a ceiling light is normally used, in order to perfectly illuminate every corner when cleaning the kitchen.

The choice of the right light design

Once you have decided where which type of light is necessary, you can move on to choosing the perfect design. There are countless possibilities to choose from: From uplights and downlights, niche lights to spots. For everyone that wants to stay flexible as regards brightness and intensity, dimmable lights and light systems are recommended. They can be very conveniently adjusted by switch, by means of voice control, or via smart-phone. Spots and light shelves are already incorporated into the planning of the kitchen. Thanks to the common LED lights this is possible without any problems. This means that you will be enjoying a bright kitchen for a long time to come.
Lichtsteuerung Fernbedienung
Lichtsteuerung Fernbedienung
Lichtsteuerung Fernbedienung
Lichtsteuerung Fernbedienung

Lightning Control

With the light control, the light intensity and light colour can be adjusted very simply by button switch, remote control, or via mobile devices. In this way, the future of operation is also finding its way into the kitchen via voice control.

LED lighting colour temperature controlled by a tablet or phone app
Lightning Control
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