Bread Element

The new bread element with integrated bread box including linen bag, as well as the optional extras of a universal cutter or integrated cutting board are innovative guarantees for contemporary features. The bread box produced from untreated oak, as well as the linen bag are the optimal place to store your bread and baked goods as a result.

ewe50 Optional slicer
Bread Element
Practical working board

The bread element is for storing and making bread and other foods. The bread box is produced from natural oak and is equipped with small rails so that the bread does not lie on the entire surface, and is ventilated from all sides. The linen bag made of natural linen has an anti-bacterial effect, allows the bread to breath, and regulates moisture, this means that the bread can absorb the moisture and release it then again back into the surrounding environment. This ensures that your bread and baked goods stay fresh and crispy for longer! The bread bag can also simply be washed if and when required. Tip: Always store bread turned onto the side that has been cut!

Practical storage space

The partitioned part of this handy cabinet also provides possibilities for storing trays and baking sheets

possibility for storing trays and baking sheets
Optional slicing machine that neatly integrates into a drawer

Cleverly integrated

Optional slicing machine that neatly integrates into a drawer