Laser edge technology

The average working life of a kitchen amounts to between 17 and 25 years. And, if the visual flair is just right and the kitchen shows next to no traces of use, then perhaps much longer. One of these traces is the „dirt rim" that starts to show itself on synthetic front panels after a while. Occurring on the joint between front panel and edge when finished with hot-melt glue, it produces unappealing and – especially for very bright colours such as white, panna and cream – highly visible discolorations to the glue joint.

Cleanly executed.
Well, this „dirt rim" is now history: ewe has introduced laser edging technology. In contrast to the old – and, as before, widely-used – glue technology, laser edging produces impressively „clean" lines over the entire life of your kitchen. The seamless joint with the synthetic edge makes the front panel seem formed from a single unit. Unlike hot-melt glue techniques, the edge and its carrier material are „welded"
together directly. This improves the seal on the front panel, which stays visually perfect and hygienic. Laser edging – like the use of environment-friendly (i.e. solvent-free) waterbased coatings – is another key contribution to greater sustainability in the ewe product portfolio.

laser edging technology