The unique, super matt surface with a roll-off effect:
ewe nanoo®

ewe Katalog 2021/22 Mock Up | Retusche

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... because kitchens are for cooking!

The idea of the new surface comes from nanotechnology, and ensures that liquids simply drip off and is unexpectedly easy to clean.

For by its very nature, cooking is not always clinically clean. Something drips here, you accidentally knock something over, hot fat sprays out of the frying pan. And of course, you are working with your hands, which you can’t or don’t always want to wipe or wash every time you touch something. All of this leaves traces on the kitchen surfaces – directly from the ingredients themselves or indirectly by opening and closing doors, drawers and dumb waiters, because often speed is of the essence. Stains, smears and fingerprints spread throughout the whole kitchen.

Whereas before, you would have worked with scrubbers and all kinds of special cleaners, now a little kitchen roll or a soft cloth is sufficient. As no liquids can stick to the special ewe nanoo® surface, they can also be removed without any problems. Simply wipe over gently and that’s it. The surface immediately looks like new again. If you want to make a special effort, use some warm water or the Hot Matt care product by ewe.

The kitchen with the super matt surface

Discover our modern kitchen model ewe Fina, which is available in the six elegant, super matt ewe nanoo® colours. Ultra-modern and flexible: for more fun while cooking.

Have a look at the Kitchen Modell Fina

ewe nanoo®is available in six elegant colours.

My ewe... and not just any kitchen

For more than 50 years, ewe has stood for modern kitchen design from Austria. This reflects our experience, our know-how and our sense of style. Immerse yourself in our world of kitchens and experience a multitude of possibilities that make an ewe kitchen your ewe kitchen.

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