white kitchens

White, the brightest of all colors, is also the most requested kitchen front color in the kitchen sector. White gives your kitchen a particularly friendly appearance, looks elegant and timeless.

White kitchens are very trendy:

The reflective effect of the white color makes small rooms appear larger and brings brightness into rooms. Bright kitchens appear wide and transparent, freeing you from narrowness and providing clarity and openness. No wonder that white kitchens were just as popular in the past as they are today. White is not subject to any trend: The timeless classic White is just as much about a modern kitchen with a shimmering high-gloss front as a rustic kitchen in the country house style. The most popular are the handle-free kitchens in white, which, in addition to their friendly charisma, are always tidy and straightforward.

As a contrast to the white color, cabinet and drawer doors, kitchen countertops or niche cladding are available in different materials and colors. But also colorful wall colors or furniture and accessories provided with other colors can be added easily and thus extend the color world and provide a great eye-catcher.

ewe Nuova white color

Nuova white color

Vida neon white

Vida neon white

Size zero kitchen: Luna white

Luna white

Modernity is associated with comfort, which is why the modern kitchen style should fulfill a high degree of functionality. Short working distances, ergonomic working height and practical kitchen electrical appliances are therefore a must.