Storage Space Solutions

Pots, plates, food... everything must be well stored in the kitchen, but also ready to hand at any time.

Our creative storage space solutions, such as interior roller baskets as tall cabinet fittings, are both practical and attractive.

Under-counter solutions from ewe

From the swing door cabinet “Le Mans”, to the under-counter corner carousel, to the under-counter with interior drawers - you will always find sufficient storage space in an ewe kitchen.

Ecktürenschrank Le Mans

Corner door cabinet Le Mans

Nuova | zementgrau & sienaeiche | Eck-Unterschrank mit Drehkarussel | ewe Küchen

Under-counter cabinet corner carousel

Floor unit with interior fittings

Under-counter cabinet with interior fittings

Roller basket equipment from ewe

With the various types of roller basket fittings from ewe, you will always have order in your kitchen

FM Sternwald carameleiche eisen | Rollkorb-Querteiler für die Innenausstattung „Legrabox“

Roller basket with crossways dividers

Rollkorbausstattung mit Boxsides

Roller basket with boxsides

Rollkorb mit Flaschenwanne

Roller basket with bottle tray

Rollkorbausstattung Tellerhalter Eiche

Roller basket equipment with plate holder made of oak wood

Rollkorbausstattung Tellerhalter

Roller basket equipment with plate holder made of plastic

ewe pantry cabinet

Sufficient storage space is also offered by the ewe pantry cabinet. Whether “CONVOY Lavido”, with interior roller baskets or the classic apothecary cabinet. Find the right accessories for your kitchen.


Convoy Lavido

Pantry cabinet Convoy Lavido

Vorratsschrank Rollkörbe

Pantry cabinet with interior roller baskets


Fully extendible pull-out pantry cabinet with closed floor