Vida truffle oak

Leather Color varnish in nougat

Vida truffle oak / nougat
ewe Vida 02
ewe Vida 02
ewe Vida 02

This model combination from the Vida series bribes by a harmonic colour and material mix. The new truffle oak decoration impresses by a perfect wood imitation with the care benefits of a laminate front. The absolute highlight is, however, the leather Color varnish in nougat, which completely captures the imagination with its absolutely authentic appearance as well as look.

Available colors and materials

  • tundra oak

    tundra oak
  • buche gedaempft

    buche gedaempft
  • umbria oak

    umbria oak
  • nuss royal

    nuss royal
  • truffle oak

    truffle oak
  • archaic spruce

    archaic spruce
  • white pine

    white pine
  • ulme hell

    ulme hell
  • mountain oak

    mountain oak
  • honey oak

    honey oak
  • caramel oak

    caramel oak
  • tobacco oak

    tobacco oak
  • sand leather varnish

    sand leather varnish
  • Nougat leather varnish

    Nougat leather varnish
  • tonka leather varnish

    tonka leather varnish


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