onyx black

ewe Fina onyx black
ewe fina onyx black worktop

The main focus of this kitchen duo is a new material: Onxy black supermatt acrylic. The trend is now towards matt and this material is its most capable with by far the softest feel and highest resistance to fingerprinting than any ewe material.

Available colors and materials

  • stone white

    stone white
  • basalt grey

    basalt grey
  • onyx black

    onyx black
  • tundra oak

    tundra oak
  • umbria oak

    umbria oak
  • truffle oak

    truffle oak
  • archaic spruce

    archaic spruce
  • white pine

    white pine
  • mountain oak

    mountain oak
  • honey oak

    honey oak
  • caramel oak

    caramel oak
  • tobacco oak

    tobacco oak

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