Everything open, many possibilites

By its functional back panel system, ewe has the perfect solution for everybody's living spirit. ewe offers you possibilities to develop your personal liking and gives them creative space.

Cookbook holder - with book

Cookbook holder

Have each recipe perfectly in sight by the cookbook holder. Perfect for a classic book or a tablet

USB-charging station - black tablet

USB-charging station

The charging station supplies each mobile device with USB plug with electricity

Magnetic bar - bread knives

LED light profile

The light spot guaranties you getting the right working light. You may clip it wherever you need it.

Magnetic bar and paper towel holder

Magnetic bar

20 mm or 200 mm

Always at hand – the magnetic bar for several knifes

Paper towel holder - kitchen knife

Paper towel holder

Simply practical, simply at hand – the kitchen paper towel holder

Functional back panel system - zoomed

Attachable shelf

150 mm, 350 mm oder 550 mm

The practical and decorative attachable shelf offers space for kitchen accessories (available in three lengths)

Magnetic bar - knife 3

Round hooks

Quick at hand – the round hooks to attach kitchen utensils

Functional back panel system - overall view

 „My creativity needs space, which I establish also in my kitchen. That space shows my personal style and is full of my own ideas."