Coffee Module

To enjoy your coffee and for much more space the seamless integrated coffee module equipped with LED lights and pull-out glass bottom gets a radiant highlight in your kitchen.

ewe coffee module with integrated LED lighting system

Coffee pleasure

Create more free space for even more tasty moments by your coffee module.

„As we are three people we need every single centimeter storage room. That's the reason why the coffee module from ewe is a very useful accessory for us."

Coffee Module

// beautifully integrated

// practical glass shelves

// high quality interior organisation

// pull-out glass shelf

// integrated LED light system

// available in 6 corpus colours

The ewe coffee module is applicable for every purpose

Celebrate your individual free space in the kitchen and make use of the ewe coffee module also for different purposes. You may integrate there also e.g. juicers or divers kitchen aids in a shapely way. There is no restriction to your fantasy.

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