ewe50 anniversary model

With the launch of our exclusive 50th anniversary model „ewe50“ we celebrate 50 years of innovation and leadership in design. The success of handleless kitchens which we pioneered in 1973 will continue in 2017 by exploiting modern aesthetics in combination with the fulfillment of function.

ewe50  Anniversary model 4

ewe50 in a mix of white and anthracite matt lacquers supported by the warmth of veneered panelling & snack bar in caramel oak, the crispness of marbled laminated tops, the refined austerity of elements in graphite steel and smoky Parsol glass. A subtle vertical angle on the door edge locates perfectly with a similar profile on a side panel resulting in a minimalist feel to the whole kitchen. Note on the tall bank how the facias and side panels descend to within a short distance of the floor.

LED lighting colour temperature controlled by a tablet or phone app
salad accessories
chamfered, mitred front frames
L-Borde Rückwand
Optional solid oak drawer insert for the storage of bread and pastries.
possibility for storing trays and baking sheets
integrated flush induction cook top
ewe50 Anniversary model 1
Bread Element

Small space situation

An investment in a well designed fitted kitchen is best rewarded by the result being beautiful yet highly functional. ewe50 can also work
well in smaller spaces. There is no bulky extraction above the hob dominating the space. The hob has extraction built in. Whilst there, notice that the hob is flush fitted into a laminate top, an ewe innovation. Stylish but practical display shelving in graphite steel provide a counterpoint to the softness of a veneered wooden panel wall.

Used colors and materials


Available in following front colours