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Anna Maria's calm anchor in Tyrol

Under this slogan, Anna Maria has once again completely refurnished her home for retirement in the gorgeous region of Tyrol. It should be simple, bright and light – without immediate neighbours, spacious, peaceful and yet centrally located. This finally became a penthouse with a lift: 125 m2 for feel good and spreading out with a
generous terrace.

“Keeping my own identity, but also allowing new things.”

Comfort and the feel-good factor are the top priorities.
Visitors can expect an open, bright living room, inviting them to linger a while with its reduced, modern style and elegant furniture. Always interested in current living trends, Anna Maria is happy to let herself be inspired anew “to create a cosy, aesthetic home.” On the search for creative ideas, she riffles through trend magazines, surfs on the internet or gets inspiration at first hand in furniture stores. “Good hotels also offer ideas” – you just need to keep your eyes open.

When a kitchen becomes more than a kitchen. 
“My kitchen planner understood me straight away, implemented my ideas perfectly and recommended ewe to me as a competent expert.” What convinced me most of all was the high-quality execution and simple design. “Clarity, reduction and straightforwardness – just my style”. This was also the inspiration for an extraordinary furnishing idea: Anna Maria decided, without hesitation, to also use the fronts of her kitchen in other places in the living space. “I do not want a hotchpotch of furniture” – and so the ewe kitchen fronts, for example, can also be found in the bedroom. This consistency gives the apartment a uniform, clearly structured form, lending it a feeling of ease and opening up the space.

A part of the overall picture.
Not much cooking is done in this single household, but Anna Maria still spends a lot of time in the kitchen; after all, it nestles perfectly into the living space and looks more like an extension than a working space. But when a big meal is being prepared, everything has to be right. Especially afterwards – thanks to the smooth surfaces, the ewe kitchen is clean in a flash. Boxes and drawers offer a great deal of storage space and are easy to open and close despite their size. The kitchen never looks overloaded, it is functional and harmonious and it is also a choice that Anna Maria would definitely repeat even “after testing in everyday life”.

Make a lot of time for this.
Whether it be building a house, a new apartment, or an extension and alteration – such projects always mark an important step in life. That is why one should never rush into these things. On the contrary, one should enjoy them. Asked for tips, Anna Maria says that time is the most important thing. Take time to write down requirements, and take notes and photos of ideas and inspirations. At first, do not set any limits to your own creativity – as regards the feasibility of implementation or the budget. You should not start to work through and limit this list until the decision-making phase. Never depart completely from your own ideas; keep your own identity but also allow new input.

With her unusual ideas and love of current trends and open, bright living spaces, Anna Maria has created a wonderful home – in the thick of things and yet entirely private.