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Domestic happiness in Upper Austria

In Upper Austria, Dominik and Verena have created a real family idyll with their children. With lots of space to express themselves – and that is the
way it should be.

Room for you.
When visiting the young family, one cannot help noticing the generously sized garden with natural pool, which immediately invites one to stay a while. “Having plenty of space is important to us, after all we did build a big house.“ The family attaches a lot of importance to privacy – “everybody should have their own place to withdraw to” – because
everyone needs their own space now and then. For a cosy get-together, the kitchen is the place to meet. It is the place where everyone gathers.
Asked about the furnishing, the two are in agreement about their respective roles: As a technician, Dominik puts particular emphasis on functionality and Verena brings everything in a beautiful, confidently stylish framework. The most important thing for the couple is that the whole family can simply feel comfortable in its own home.

"Regional, practical and a part of us.”
Being able to recognise themselves in the furnishings and atmosphere – that is the secret recipe for their very personal living space. With
the kitchen in particular, the emphasis was above all also on regional character and quality. What counts when shopping for foods at the supermarket should also count “for the place where things happen. “Dominik and Verena took these wishes to a professional.“ The adviser was very important to us, he pointed out possibilities and opened our
eyes to things and functions that we often hadn’t even thought of.”

The recommended ewe kitchen met all of their needs and now fits in perfectly with the whole look of the house. But it is not only visually that it cuts a dash: “During the week, we tend to have quick but healthy cooking.” With two little whirlwinds they do not have the time to make elaborate meals. This changes at the weekend when everyone
is home. Then the kitchen offers space for the four of them to conjure up food together: there is everything from pancakes for Elea to meatballs for Jona. Thanks to the uncluttered design and the practically arranged storage spaces, the whole family can enjoy cooking together.

Time will tell.
The likeable Upper Austrians describe family life as “typical” – with all the usual facets, from merry to annoying. “Everyone has their moods and they should also be able to live them out.” That is why Dominik and Verena would also advise young couples to tackle the project of housebuilding before having children. “Because you just don’t have the
time to be the parents that you would like to be.”

The couple took one-and-a-half years for the planning. They started with magazines, but it
was online that they found the most inspiration for the design of the living space. “You should really give a lot of thought to what it is that you would like and what you need”, and it also has to be taken into account that some needs change when you have children. For example, Dominik and Verena have a children’s room within sight and hearing of the kitchen – so they can keep an eye on things without the four of them getting in each other’s way.

The couple has achieved what many others dream of: They have created a wonderful home for themselves and their children – and if they had to do it all again they would not change a thing.