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Urban life in Vienna

In Vienna, you can immediately feel a very special attitude towards life. The city is alive with energy and combines classicism and modernity in a perfect and charming way. The city cast its spell on Stephan; he moved from Baden to Vienna for love, to be with Yasemin.

Between old city, modern living, and nature.
The young couple loves the flexibility that city life in Vienna brings. Because this city has absolutely everything: “Good connections to the centre and accordingly short routes to the shops, but also enough room and free space for sport”. As far as the furnishing of their apartment is concerned, the couple aligns themselves more with the contemporary facets of the capital city. “Modern, clean and minimalist”: as a trained interior decorator, Stephan has very precise ideas about what he likes and what he does not. They quickly come to an agreement about the selection of the furnishings. “You notice that he has learned this – he has really good taste.”

In the thick of things, not just nearby.
The open living space – including in the kitchen – makes life together very sociable.“We come home from work and cook. Well, I cook – he cleans up.” They have enough space to work together. Everything to do with the kitchen – apart from cooking – is the responsibility of Stephan, but it is Yasemin, every day, who is happy about the beautiful appearance of the ewe, but also especially about its functionality and the view. That can be through the window or onto the dining table. “When we have guests, we also have direct contact during the cooking.” So it is no wonder that the couple spends a lot of time in their wonderful kitchen.

It is amazing what is possible.
The apartment on the top floor has a very special challenge in store – the slope of the roof. The kitchen was planned into this slope and was intended to be ergonomic and practical despite the unusual dimensions. The ewe kitchen now fits into the space perfectly and looks like it was always meant to be there. “We wanted a modern, dark kitchen – the stone for the worktop was very important for us”. As with the rest of the interior furnishing, the couple also had particular wishes for the kitchen early on – the modern style of the apartment is also taken up here and perfectly reflects the overall concept of Stephan and Yasemin.

Just do it.
From entering the apartment to exploring the open rooms, to walking onto the balcony – everything looks perfectly coordinated. The two are taking a rather classic approach in their search for new ideas for their own living space. Magazines are a particular source of inspiration for them – and trade fairs. Stephan and Yasemin have a tip when it comes to realising the dream of your own home: Just do it. “You can never be on the absolute cutting edge. You should therefore choose what you like and what you are happy with.” And not waste any time – look quickly and decide together. Stephan and Yasemin have certainly done well with this approach, after all, they have created their own personal paradise in the middle of Vienna.

Stephan and Yasemin have certainly done well with this approach, after all, they have created their own personal paradise in the middle of Vienna.

“It takes people to turn a home into a real home.”