bright kitchen

Whether small or large kitchens, bright kitchen fronts are more in demand than ever. Bright kitchens appear wide and transparent, freeing you from narrowness and providing clarity and openness. Light kitchens have been just as popular in the past as they are today.

Unlike other colors that are more daring or risky, bright kitchens are timeless and remain untouched by fashion and trends. And if, after a few years, you are fed up with the kitchen, you can effortlessly refresh it with small measures, because bright kitchens are also known for their versatility.

Often a different wall paint, another niche cladding or even accessories such as lamps, vases or herb pots are enough, so the bright kitchen quickly gets a new look. As a contrast to the bright colors, kitchen worktops, cabinet and drawer doors or niche cladding are available in different materials and colors. But even furniture and materials provided with other colors can be added easily and thus extend the color world and provide a great eye-catcher.

Size zero kitchen: Luna white

Luna white

Vida arctic - overall view

Vida arctic

Vida neon white

Vida neon white

The fronts, despite their brightness, have to meet all the requirements of a modern kitchen. Design is becoming more and more in demand, but functionality and easy cleaning are top priorities when choosing a kitchen. In terms of easy care, the bright colors are in no way inferior to their colored competitors and can be easily cleaned, regardless of whether they are plastic, paint or wood.