Cosiness and extravagance - designer kitchens in black

For a long time black has been a trend color for everyday and luxury items. What is the "little black dress" for fashion, is now also modern in the kitchen because black looks noble and high-quality and stands for design purism with that special extra.

Small room, big effect

While bright kitchens give the impression that a room looks bigger than it actually is, black counters and cabinets create an extravagant and glamorous look. The world of luxury brands makes a remarkable contribution to this, which sometimes leads to color becoming increasingly important in modern kitchens. Even small kitchens can be attractively equipped with dark fronts and furniture without being heavy or depressing.

unlimited creative leeway

Although white and black are traditionally considered as opposites, the colors combine two important similarities, which play a major role in the design of a contemporary kitchen: on the one hand they are timeless, on the other hand, they can be combined with other colors and materials. Black makes the kitchen to a fascinating design background where other colors and materials such as wood and metal are made to shine.

The right light

Properly staged by natural and artificial light, dark elements lend the room depth and a special, timelessly elegant expression.

Matte surfaces

The texture of the surfaces is an important factor in harmonizing functionality and design. Metals and metallic surfaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. A black background brings extravagant furnishings such as brass taps or extractor hoods in gold or oxidized shades to shine. The effect is particularly emphasized when the dark kitchen fronts are made with a matt surface.

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